Think, Feel, Be AfroPositivo

AfroPositivo is an idea, a vision, a purpose, a feeling; a place to dream free, to dream big. AfroPositivo is a project that aims to represent a young and proactive Africa. The Africa that’s trying to wake up and rise without complex…

About AfroPositivo

AfroPositivo wants to walk alongside all the young Africans who share the idea of an ambitious and fertile Africa, an Africa that owns its destiny. We want to walk alongside the african youth who believe that only thinking and acting in a positive way we will find positive solutions to solve the problems of our continent.

That’s the reason why we want AfroPositivo to become a place where young’s Afro can share images and videos of positive stories happening Africa. We believe that is our responsibility to let the world know that many amazing things, made by africans, are happening in Africa. So this website is a place for us to come and share each other, to teach and learn each other. We want to become a connect point for the Afro Communities around the world.

In AfroPositivo we believe that african youth must to start talking about Africa in a natural way, with no resentment, no complex, no victimhood but with ambition, confidence, awareness, responsibility and always thinking in the next generation of young africans.

About the Founder

Born on August 2, 1987 in Misión San José, a small town in Equatorial Guinea, Shakur Mbomio grew up with his maternal grandparents until he was 14 years old. He started the elementary school in the same small town.
In 2000 Shakur Mbomio moved to Bata City where he finished the elementary education and started high school in the Catholic Institute Misión de Bata. After 4 years, in the age of 18, he moved to Barcelona, Spain where he graduated and began to study Tourism in CETA private University. Shakur Mbomio was forced to cancel the studies after 3 years and 1 year left to degree.

In Summer 2014 he moved to Hamburg, Germany to pursue happiness.

Always worried about the pessimism of Africans. Hearing them talking about the situation of Africa and the conformity of life in general, he ventured to create a Plattform, a brand or something that can change the pessimistic view at least for the young Afros.
From there AfroPositivo was born.
The brand was made as a tool that aims to help emerge the positiv side of Africa and the Africans.